I’ve been dreaming again about my childhood friends.
And: the silly things that; we used to do.
I’ve been dreaming again of the fun we had back then.
And; sometimes I also dream a dream of you..

Well; I dream of that day when we were all just kids.
And; no one seemed to care what we said or did.
And; I dream that we are as happy as can be.
And; in my dream, she’s still in love with me

I've been dreaming again, about an old girlfriend.
Someone I used to know. A long: long time ago.
My dreams are so sweet, 'Cause she's still in love with me.
At lease there in my dreams, and; I didn't have to go.

I can see her waving there, from the doorway of our home.
And; standing by her side, are children of our own.
But; it’s only a dream from an old familiar scene
She married some else and all I have is dreams

But; I’ve been dreaming again about that old girlfriend.
It makes me so happy that it must been a sin
Her kisses to me, on my lips were as sweet.
As the sweetest cherry in the tallest tree

Dreaming, dreaming about me and you
Dreaming, dreaming makes me blue
Blue dreamer, blue dreamer,
Dreaming dreams about you