Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
You turned me away from your front door one day and gave me the news that we were through.
When I left your home and this old world I roamed; but I never stopped loving you.
I was trying to find real peace of mind; from all of the heartache that I had gone through
And I tried to find love lots of times but; I found that I couldn’t stop loving you

I looked for love in all the wrong places,; searching for someone like you.
And; I placed my trust in lots of pretty faces. And never found one that was true
I remember clear the touch of your hand when you said that I would always be your man.
I can remember the light in your eyes, when I asked the question; are you really mine?

I used to dream about what might have been. And: wondered if we would meet again.
Then I saw your name in the paper one day. It said that your husband went away.
There ain’t no way that we can understand; what’s in the future. It’s all in god’s hand.
I sent you another message that day and prayed another prayer as it went on its way

Here I am today, standing at your door. With a bouquet of roses in my hand
While ringing the bell I am wondering; what am I doing here again.
Then I hear a noise from somewhere inside. And I wish that somehow could run and hide.
I watch the door open and then I realize; a vision of heaven is standing before my eyes

I take you in my arms and kiss your lips again. You ask me how long has it been?
Fifty five years. and a day or two. And; I’ll admit I’m still in live with you.
I hand you the roses and we walk inside. You wipe the tears from your big blue eyes.
The curtain is closing and it’s not what it seems. All of this has been a beautiful dream