Let Me Be The Best Bible
Title: Let Me Be the Best Bible
Length: 2:51 ISRC: QZHYE2458911
Songwriter: Alex MacLeod (BMI)
Publisher: Saining Music (BMI/ASCAP)
Alex MacLeod: Guitar, Lead vocals
Joe Deetz: Banjo
Billy Thibodeau: Mandolin, harmony
Rick Brodsky: Bass
Austin Scelzo: Fiddle, harmony

Alex’s first Sunday School teacher was his very own grandmother, Marie, who lived in Franklin, NH. His grampa, Ed, built the Central Baptist Church in town when Alex was a baby and every summer, during his primary years, Alex also attended Vacation Bible School there. Alex recalls his grandmother always telling him, “Zan (the name that Alex went by as a kid), you may be the only Bible some people may ever read.”

Alex didn’t quite know what that meant. But as he grew older, he observed the consistent Biblical character and integrity that his grandparents constantly displayed. They worshiped, they prayed, they read the Bible, they supported the church and invested in their community, they believed in accountability and honesty, discipline, and helping people whenever possible. They lived within their means, responsibly and humbly. They didn’t have much, but would gladly give what they had to others, trusting that God would provide their fair share the next day. Alex deduced, many years later, that living a life according to Biblical scripture and in a way that would glorify God, was exactly what his Gramma meant.

Wanting to pay tribute to his Grandparents, as well as his parents and in-laws, who all exhibited similar characteristics, he penned this song, Let Me Be the Best Bible. While he acknowledges that he’s a sinner by nature, it’s the willingness to try and be better that makes this song real and his Gramma’s message to him real.

Influenced by the harmony sounds of Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver and the brand stylings of Larry Sparks, Rock Hearts effectively renders elements from both of these acts in this song.