I May Never
16. I May Never
(KC Groves, Carol Groves & Uncle Earl, arr. Uncle Earl/©2006 Sweatergirl Music & Smokin' Granny Music, ASCAP)

Memorizing poetry has always been something we've enjoyed in my family, and occasionally we even try to write it. My grandmother probably wrote hundreds of poems. Trying to keep the tradition alive, my mother and I sometimes experiment with songwriting. Upon receiving mom's lyrics (by email) I sat right down and wrote this melody. Abby added the simple and haunting instrumental motif that I feel really adds to the mood of the song. – KCG

Fiddle: gdae
Banjo: gCGCD
(lead vocal & guitar: KCG; harmonies: AW & RG; banjo: AW; fiddle: RG, harmonica: KA; bass: EY)