Easy in the Early ('Til Sundown)
15. Easy in the Early ('Til Sundown)
(Kristin Andreassen & Uncle Earl, arr. Uncle Earl/©2006 Yellowcar Music & Smokin' Granny Music, ASCAP)

This song is a prayer that some small piece of heaven might be attainable for each of us on Earth. I've had the refrain in my head and my heart for almost a decade now. But I needed this particular group of women to sing the interlocking parts and bring the song to life. The band sent me back to the drawing board on the verses again and again…until finally I came to rehearsal with something simple enough – easy enough – to have meaning. I'm grateful to KC and Abby for bravely singing the lead vocal parts as we recorded this one live around one mic – five voices, ten hands, and ten feet. – KA

(lead vocals & rhythm: KCG & AW; backup vocals & rhythm: KA, RG, & EY)