Sisters of the Road
9. Sisters of the Road
(Rayna Gellert, arr. Uncle Earl/© 2006 Willow Garden Music & Smokin' Granny Music, ASCAP)

The Sisters of the Road Café is a wonderful organization that serves the needs of people experiencing homelessness in Portland, Oregon. The first gig I ever did with Uncle Earl was a benefit for this organization, and we have played that benefit every year since. At their 2005 event, I was sitting in our dressing room noodling around and this fiddle tune came out. I named it after the organization, but also for my bandmates, who are indeed my “sisters of the road.” John gave us the snare-drummy rhythm ideas by tapping his fingers on the back of his bass, and then Kristin made those sounds come out of her fleet feet. – RG

Fiddle: aeae
(fiddle: RG; feet: KA)