Wish I Had My Time Again
4. Wish I Had My Time Again
(music traditional, words by Uncle Earl, arr. Uncle Earl/© 2006 Smokin' Granny Music, ASCAP)

This is one of my favorite fiddle tunes – it's like all the most fun A tunes rolled into one. I learned it from a recording of the Hatton Brothers that was included in the box set Kentucky Mountain Music (Yazoo 2200). – RG

The compelling title lured us into writing lyrics about wrongful imprisonment. My friend Erin Torneo is writing a book about Ron Cotton, who served eleven years in prison before being proven innocent and released. His story is the inspiration for the words. – AW

Fiddle: aeae
Banjo: aEAC#E
(vocals: AW & KCG; fiddle: RG; mandolin: KCG; banjo: AW; guitar: KA; bass: EY)