One True
3. One True
(Kristin Andreassen, Eric Merrill, & Abigail Washburn, arr. by Uncle Earl/© 2006 Smokin' Granny Music, ASCAP)

The moon was shining bright on Clifftop, West Virginia. In fact, dear Abby was so “affected” by the moon that she quite accidentally composed a crooked fiddle tune (the melody repeated itself every six beats on average). Our friend Eric Merrill, feeling steady on the bow, then came up with a rock solid B part. And everyone involved forgot all about it…except for my trusty mini-disc recorder. When I rediscovered this composition some months later, two lonesome leftover beats in the A part kept singing to me – “been there.” And I wrote some lyrics. Been there? Or then again, maybe this track is really an homage to a talking toy barbeque set which somehow inspired this song's alternate title, “Spatula Behave.” – KA