When Heaven Calls
Music, Lyrics & Copyright: Ulla Lindstroem, KODA & NCB.

Too many people are too scared of dying,
that's because they don't know it's just like flying,
home from a holiday, that was OK,
but when you've finally finished your stay,
you'll start to long for your own little nest,
holiday's great, but your home is the best.
It's just that simple and plain.
Dying is just the same.

Old friends and loved ones are longing to meet you,
some of them gather to guide you and greet you.
Lovingly they will be guiding your way,
caring so much you'll be wanting to stay.
Tunnel of love, and the brightest of light,
will be embracing your heavenly flight.
Dead ones are not to be mourned.
Dying is: being born.

Music and flowers and new education
waits for you, do you need more motivation?
You will be shown what you did with your life, -
how you've affected your husband or wife.
Each little smile, all the love that you gave,
counts because it will have started a wave.
Love is the main thing of all.
You'll know when heaven calls.

So my dear while you are living then love it,
and when you die, never be affraid of it.
Don't let anxiety darken your life,
love what you get, even cuts from a knife.
There is a meaning in each little thing
and you don't know what tomorrow may bring.
Live without being afraid.
There is no such thing as 'dead'!

Love is the main thing of all.
You'll know when heaven calls.