When Heaven Calls
THE STORY BEHIND this song, Ulla says:

I think the message in this song speaks for it self...the is no such thing as 'dead'...only transformation to another lifeform on another level. If you are not a believer yet...and not into reading religious books...then go and read the research and documentation by Dr. Raymond A. Moody (Life After Life) and Dr. Elisabeth K├╝bler Ross! Their studies in 'after-life' / near-'death'-experiences will stunn you! People who 'died' and was brought 'back to life' (almost) all tell the exact same story, no matter what background or religious belief (or no belief at all)....that story IS my song! Just the way they report it....and may I add...also what you will find in most religious books (or at least not in conflict with any, as far as I know). The only thing we know for sure in this life is, that some day we have to leave this earth....but why worry about that?

THIS SONG came to me in the most amazing way! In 1995 is was reading all sorts of spiritual books. One night I woke up at 4 in the morning, feeling some lyrics wanted to be written. I got out of my bed and within 20 minutes I had all four verses written down, with no corrections at all...I even used some words that I had to look up the day after, to see if I had used them correctly, since it was words I had never used before!....but I did NOT get the melody! Now I NEVER write lyrics without having the melody to support the form! But the melody did not come to me....not even in the days after, when I tried to find it. So I finally put it away, and forgot all about it!

TEN YEARS LATER...when I knew I was going back to record more songs in Nashville (for the second time around!)....I woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning, and this old lyric was suddenly 'spooking' in my mind. Did I still have it? Was it maybe good enough to become a song? I had to get out of bed and look for it....and like a miracle in itself, I found it right away! I was stunned to see that it was written with no corrections at all and that I still found it good. I took my little recorder and sang it right away...in 5 minutes all in all...like I knew it already! THAT was soooooo weird! Too easy!.....and to be honest, I did not like the melody at all, to begin with. It wasn't at all what I figured it should be!...I mean a subject like THAT deserves something more 'pompeous' right?.....but then thinking about it...isn't it just right that is should be a happy-light-little-waltz?....Like it says....there IS nothing to be scarred of? It's just the way it goes! You are born into this world...and when ya gotta go...you're born into the next! So now I trust my first 'instinct' when I write songs!

Next 'worry' was: CAN I PUBLISH THIS SONG?....Will people think I'm REAL weird?.... Well gee...I can't waste my life worrying about that can I? People think what they think and am who I am and believe what I believe. So there ya go!

AND THIS SONG is now one of my most played songs! AND it sure was a song that WANTED to get out and be heard, if any!