Steelers Of The World
THE STORY behind this song, Ulla says:

Well...this a swinging TRIBUTE song to pedal steelguitar players all over the world with my heartfelt thanks for keeping Country Music alive! They chose THE MOST complicated instrument in the whole world and they all struggle with being better all the time. They even have a "CLAN" or "CULT" (A Steelguitar Forum) in which they actually help each other all around the world....and THAT is just so awesomeeee! That is what I am now trying to copy with my Songwriters & Artists Clan here on Netlog!

Being married to a steeler I have met A LOT of them, and I noticed that most of them have a lot in common, besides playing the steelguitar. They are real special people for sure. Talking to another steelers wife, we decided to call it 'a cult or 'a clan'...and that is what triggered my song...which is meant in the most loving way, but I also hope it will bring a smile on some faces. I just LOVE steelguitar and steelers! Don't you all?