It's Buying Time Again
THE STORY BEHIND this song, Ulla says:

This one is dedicated to my husband, who is a part time musician. I'm SURE that many spouses of musicians will recognise the theme here? They ALWAYS need just one more guitar, banjo, amplifier or some other stuff, don't they? So bringing home ANOTHER BIG expensive box, he gave me this idea geeeeez!

There is an old Country song called 'It's Crying Time Again'....I thought it would be fun to write him a song called 'It's BUYING Time Again'. And guess what...the song wrote itself, once I had the idea! Another hint in the song, is to the old 'Ruby' song,
(Kenny Rogers), where the rythm changes for: 'she's leaving now cause I just heard the slamming of the door'....I borrowed that too...and hope they don't sue me for that...but here in another meaning for sure.

And yesssss...we actually had to biuld a second floor to our house!

This song was also MY FIRST song released on compilation CD! With that one song I even managed to get on the worldwide charts!

BLESS every DJ who play it!