Get The Message (04:39)
Get The Message(04:39)

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Geza X

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Benny Petrella

Songwriter: Benny Petrella
Publishing & PRO: Da Kine Music, BMI

She says "****" in the chorus

The big fish eat the little fish

That's the law of nature I guess

But are you blind ?

Or can you see ?

This world's in a terrible mess

Get the message ? Get the message ?

What will it take ?

Till ya get the message

We want our freedom but we don't want it from

The blood of the innocent

How many lives do we have to forsake ?

How many chances do we have to take ? Till we


Love is the key to see us through

Love is the secret but we hold the clue


Spread the news around

We gotta do something now

Before it's too late

Not much time to wait

Cause the rich man's blind

He only sees dollar signs

And will we take another life ?

For some furs for that rich man's wife ?

No we're done , we're sick of this ****

There's a handful of idiots pulling the strings of the world

To the sky , and we can't let them get any farther by

Why can't they see living love is the only way to be ?

Walking on thin ice !

One push of the button , we'll be gone !

Gone , gone GONE !!!