Take This Child
When I was little I had no sense, was stubborn as a mule
I hung my britches on a barbed wire fence, just to act a fool

Mama don’t you cry now, Papa’s gone away, all night long till the cows Come home, didn’t take that child to raise

Ol’ Johnny Law took me and Ma for to see the judge one day
He shook his head and then he said, better take that child to raise

Mama don't you fret now, Papa’s gone to stay
Gonna scratch that itch with a peach tree switch
And take that child to raise

Then days are gone and I'm full grown, my lessons tried and true And you can bet I won't forget, cause Mama didn’t raise no fool

Mama you can rest now, put your fears away
Your grit and sand did make a man
Cause you took this child to raise.