The Sky is Falling
The Sky is Falling

Heaven help me, I'm afraid
Cause the sky is falling down
And the end is all the rave
Can't tell the sinners from the saints
And the world is changing everyday.

Mother Mary says hello
Just thought she'd drop a line
Let everybody know.
Shes been writting on the wall
But the words are wieghtless
Don't mean a thing at all.

It doesn't matter now
There's no safe haven
The roof is comin down
It's damn near caved in
So bring the night on
But leave a light on ya'll
The sky is fallin down  
The sky is fallin down

Chicken Little's in the house 
With a message on his mind
And a motor for a mouth
And Ducky Lucky's goin south
For to keep up with the world
And to watch the lights go out