How I Roll
Another day, another stage, another city
Another 900 miles to go
Don't you know I sho- look pretty
Bouncing down every damn bump in the road
It's all loading in and loading out and setting up and breaking down
And I'm dressin up like show and tell - In hotels, Motels and broke as hell - hell - hell
It's How I roll - Bless my soul

Sho- ain't no Super-star or Diva - Ain't about no fortune, fun or fame
I'm just out here chasin Money - Honey - Cause Momma's got them bills to pay
Just Bars and Clubs and College towns - Throwin up and throwin down
From San Antoine to NYC - And every breakdown and shakedown in between

I don't need no reason when the music takes control
I just keep on cheesin as the season takes it's toll
I'm just cashin in my feelins - Cause it's How I roll - Bless my soul

Another day, another play, another dollar - Another 500 miles to go
I'm out here singin for my supper - I'm just goin with the flow
Convenience stores and bad fast food and only the finest parking lots will do
What will be is what will be and what you get is what you see - from me
It's how I Roll - Bless my soul - It's how I roll - It's How I roll