6 Feet Under and Still Going Down (3:31)
6 Feet Under and Still Going Down (3:31)

Label Contact:
Chris Myers

Media Contact:

Songwriters / PRO:
Tommy Buller / BMI
Barton Hansen / BMI

Publishers / PRO:
Just Plain Troubled Songs / BMI
Work of Bart Music / BMI

ISRC: QZEU62100052

Released: 02/25/2022

"This song was originally written for a country music project that I'm a part of. I thought, if we speed this up a bit, it would be a great bluegrass song" - Tommy Buller

Tommy Buller - vocals
Greg Martin - bass
Frank Rische - guitar
James Seliga - mandolin
Tim Crouch - fiddle
Ronnie Stewart - banjo
Josh Swift - dobro / BGVs