Queen City on Fire
Songwriter: Sam Tayloe ASCAP
Publisher: Mentally Tight Productions ASCAP
Contact: Management@timesawyer.com

Vocals/Acoustic Guitar - Sam Tayloe
Harmony Vocals/Banjo - Houston Norris
Harmony Vocals/Acoustic Guitar - Luke Mears
Electric Guitar - Ian Wagoner
Pedal Steel - Bob Barone
Upright Bass - Zach Smith
Drums - Jordan Nelson

This song pulls from the awful wildfires we experienced in Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee areas late in 2016. Living in Charlotte, NC at the height of the fires strength, you could see, smell, and taste the smoke sitting at chest level, hiding the towering skyscrapers downtown. It shouldn't take a tragedy showing signs to you personally to have us realize that our problems effect us all in certain ways. Its a selfish social norm. Until we see the flames from our window its not our problem. This can also be echoed by the fires we start in our own relationships, in those moments before we see any repercussions.