One House Down
Songwriter: Sam Tayloe ASCAP
Publishing: Mentally Tight Productions ASCAP
Contact: Houston Norris
All rights owned by: Time Sawyer Band LLC. 2018

O the water
That comes from the shore
The wind and the waves
O it comes to your door

Your eyes they look upward
Your hearts on the ground
This mess I will leave
I’ll move one house down

But o the neighbors
They fuss and they fight
The bottles they throw
They bust through the night

Tears through the windows
They remind me to frown
This I don’t want to see
I’ll move one house down

O I’ll move one house
That'll solve my quandary
See we all want to go, but we don’t want to flee

O I’ll move one house down
Where we all want to be
One acre plot south, between you and me

Week after week, and weeks turn to years
We drink all our doubts and hide all fears

The house on the corner seems so far away
But the storms at your door by the end of the day

So don’t move one house down
It’s a snare trap my friend
Your struggles won’t ease
Your pain it won’t end
So don’t move one house down
Catch a bus or a plane
Let your eyes take a leave of what left you this way