I Long to Hear Them Testify
Way downtown Atlanta
Where the streetcars run
Early in the evening
Before the day is done If I
was in Georgia, boys I tell
you where I’d go I’d hear
Blind Willie singing Turn
your lamp down low

If I was in Mississippi Around
Bentonia town I’d go from
door to door Looking for the
sound That Hard Time Killing
floor In a minor key Skip
James playing the Blues
Tuned to open D

One foot in a world that’s
gone One foot here today
What I wouldn’t give To hear
them sing and play Long ago
and far away And yet their still
alive But I long to hear them
testify In 1925

If I was a traveller Up Carolina
way Ninety years ago I wouldn’t
hesitate I’d hear Charlie and his
Ramblers Play in some old shack
And maybe I would stick around
And never make it back

I’m thinking bout a freight train
Long and southern bound Rails
ringing in my head Don’t let your
deal go down Strange times in the country, boys
And I’m caught here in between 1925 And 2019