Hangin’ Around
Hangin’ Around

If you’re ever havin’ one of those days
Where everything is goin’, everyway but your way
And you feel like your world is fallin’ down
I’ll be hangin’ around

If you need someone to listen when you talk
I’ll always be right here like these pictures on the walls
And as long as you don’t ever take ‘em down
I’ll be hangin’ around

Like that old shirt in the closet that you won’t ever throw away
I’ll be here when you need me anytime night or day
You may not always see me but even the sun can hide behind a little cloud
And I’ll be hangin’ around

Don’t you shed a tear because I’m gone
As long as this world’s turnin’ you won’t ever be alone
And I’d rather see you smile than see you frown
I’ll be hangin’ around


Oh I’ll always be up here smilin’ down
I’ll be hangin’ around