Day Before Temptation
Day Before Temptation

I know playin’ with fire will get you burned
You’d think that’d be a lesson that I’ve learned
It goes back to the start of God’s creation
That old whisper has a name it’s called temptation

It’s down a dead end road, straight to nowhere’s where it goes
When the gas is gone you’ll be left out in the rain
Soakin’ wet with sin, on your knees and you’ll begin prayin’ for a way
To go back to the day before temptation

It’ll dress you up in 100 dollar bills
It’ll make you smell like whiskey and cheap thrills
Keep one hand on the wheel or you’ll be taken
On a shotgun ride with a driver called temptation


Oh don’t you let it catch you by surprise
It’ll stab you in the back just like a knife
It’ll take your house, your kids and your wife
Brother if you let him, he’ll damn sure take your life


‘Cause there ain’t no way to go back to the day before temptation