I Thought He'd Never Leave (4:45)
Release: September 18, 2020
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Songwriter: Alecia Nugent, Roger Murrah, Keith Stegall
Copyrights: 2019 Hillbilly Goddess Music (ASCAP) admin by Bluewater Music/ I'm In a Hurry Music (BMI) admin by Colton Music,LLC dba Colton Sounds/ Dreamlined Songs (BMI)

It’s a funny story how this song came to be. It was my first time meeting and writing with Roger Murrah. Keith introduced us, the three of us were chatting, getting to know one another...asking if anyone had a song idea, a hook line, or something when suddenly Keith got a call and walked out of the room. Roger said jokingly, “I thought he’d never leave!” I laughed and said, I think we found our song title.


He had a barroom look when he got home that night
With that deer in the headlight twinkle in his eye
I guess the whiskey and the beer took away his fear
He sounded just like Foster Brooks when he said goodbye

I thought he’d never leave
Have the nerve to walk out on me
The only promise his cheating heart could keep
I thought he’d never leave

We gave it all we had for seven years
We loved we fought and then it all got weird
He stayed gone five nights a week
Then on the weekends he’d sleep
I had all that I could take, time to fish or cut bait

Repeat Chorus
Tag: He took that crazy dog, and moved back to Arkansas

Produced by Keith Stegall
Recorded by John Kelton at The Castle Recording Studio (Franklin, TN)
Assisted by Travis Humbert
Additional Recording by John Kelton and Travis Humbert at The Sound Station and Wedgewood Sound (Nashville, TN)
Mixed by John Kelton at Wedgewood Sound and The Sound Station (Nashville, TN)
Mastered by Glenn Meadows at Mayfield Mastering (Nashville, TN)
Production Coordinator: Jason Campbell

Brent Mason – Electric Guitar
Tommy Harden – Drums
Bobby Terry – Acoustic Guitar
Gary Prim – Keyboards
Jimmie Lee Sloas – Bass
Stuart Duncan – Fiddle
Paul Franklin – Steel Guitar
Dan Dugmore – Steel Guitar
Wes Hightower – Background Vocals