Insert Name
In the middle you and I
You barely speak and and start to cry
I know ... you feel it too

On this blanket on the ground
I can feel my heart pound
Beating ... every beat for you

And the way the sunlight strikes your face
Right here in this time and place
I realize I was made to love only you

We're in love girl from our own choosin
Well it was nothing we were doin
The lord shone down a love
So pure and true

No promise that I've ever made
Means more than this does today
Insert name I pledge my love to you

Once gave my heart to one who would not take it
Years and years we just faked it
so i took it back
and shined it up for you

I tried and tried to make her love me
she always was too high above me so guess what?
its your lucky day Im telling you.
Oh insert name I Pledge my love to you .
Oh insert name I give my heart to you.