BlueGrass Never Let Me Down
I spent too much time - thinking about the good old days
Feelin sore bout the ones who done me wrong
Gonna pack up what I need and find my family
Maybe grab a happy soul to tag along

Cause I've been spit on and stepped on and lied about
Had my name drug down from folks that was my friends
But whenever they're all gone I know who'll be around
Bluegrass ain't never let me Down
No my bluegrass friends ain't never let me down

I've pulled your knife out of my back
Too many times to count
Had a boss that made a million off my back
It's hard not to hate you all you're only human
Once in a while wont you take your head out of the sand

I've been pushed on and side-stepped and cheated on
Watched my plans go up in smoke along the way


Here today and gone tomorrow is my new motto
You can shove this daily grind time flies too fast
Pack my cooler, throw this cell phone into the dumpster
Free camping in the rough and a little grass

I've been held back and lied to and overlooked
Had my name drug through the mud by my best friend

Now I know that I'm no angel I've had my days
Broke one off in a friend I'm sorry and I know
But with jealousy, revenge and suburban living
The only peace you find is at the bluegrass show

I've been hoodwinked, bamboozled and double crossed
Had my name drug down from folks that said they was my friends