Sunflower River Rag
Pillowtop clouds up in the sky
Lazy ol’ river steady rollin’ by
Cotton needs pickin’ but not by me
I’m too busy nappin’ underneath my tree

Bossman’s yappin’ all livelong day
Lazy ol’ river gonna wash my troubles away

Ain’t seen my baby in a ol’ coon’s age
People tellin’ me it’s time to turn the page
She headed straight toward them city lights
Had to find herself – Had to see the sights

When she’s done feelin’ the need to roam
Lazy ol’ river gonna roll my baby back home

Woah, the river’s gonna wash me down

Hard times come and hard times go
Lazy ol’ river got to ebb and flow
I’m gonna let them hard times pass on by
Like the pillowtop clouds up in the sky

Baby’s in my arms and she’s here to stay
Lazy ol’ river done washed my troubles away

Woah, the river’s gonna wash me down