October Fall
Blue skies in these eyes of mine
They remind me why you’re not still alive
And I keep getting left behind
By the world and everyone else in line
But they won’t listen why
No they won’t listen why
Why’d you go so far away
When you knew what we had was here to stay On the roof was just not enough
You gotta separate the love and the lust
But there’s no difference now
No there’s no difference now
Catching spiders on the wall October run
And the winner loses all but that’s no fun
I wish you could be back here but now you’re gone At the place we used to call October fall
People round here they don’t understand
What it took for me to get the upper hand
Of getting over you being gone, of letting go of holding on And I still wish I could hold on, yeah I still wish I could hold on But now it’s time for me to be gone and I still wish we were