Mandy Mae
Daylight fades way in the distance.
Darkness falls down on me.
I ache with pain, my heart is heavy.
Wish I was home in TN.

Once there I lived with my sweet darlin,
in those green hills stood our old home
But those days are gone forever,
I've traveled far while all alone.

Mandy Mae you know I love you
What I would give to feel your touch
Just once more, yet it won't happen
Oh God I long for you so much

I won't forget the day you left me
My life since then, instilled with pain
Neither you or me, chose it to happen,
my Mandy Mae you're not to blame.

Life seemed so right when I was younger. But life itself took that away.
I long for home and my dear sweetheart, who I know I'll see someday.

My time is short, but I'm so ready.
They'll lower me beneath the clay.
Those hills of time I will rest peaceful, right beside my Mandy Mae.
In heaven waits my Mandy Mae.