Rid My Mind feat. Dori Freeman (newest single)
Rid My Mind by Dori Freeman

I wonder still as I recall
Now that the race is run
Did you lie next to me
In more ways than one

At least I’ve learned my lesson now
Not every heart is true
Some lovers only take your hand
When they want more from you


I don’t wanna be sad, I don’t wanna be blue x2
I just wanna rid my mind of you x2

You held me high above the clouds
Beneath a sky of blue
I guess you thought you’d let me go
And I’d float back to you

You never got that close to me
Afraid that you might fall
But slipping unexpectedly
It happens to us all

I watched you tie your laces right
As if your feet might fail
You didn’t really want to go
But your pride had already set sail.