Van Tassel
Van Tassel

Highway 20 stretches out like a beggar’s hand
East Wyoming it is home for this weary man
I stop my car, lean on the hood, taking in the sight
Van Tassel population nine
In the fading light

The moon rides over the brown buttes
Rounding up the thunderheads
I’m riding cloudy memories of faces and things said
Ah, let them run
Run into the night
Through the sagebrush of Wyoming
In the fading light

Van Tassel you’ve seen better days
Are there better ones left to come?
Do you long to see better ones come along?
Weather beaten, hanging on, we’re such a pretty sight
Hoping for the dawn
Knowing we’re just fading light

No light left in Van Tassel, no light left in my heart
We had a chance to dance Van Tassel
Now it’s time to gracefully depart
Bones for the prairie, you and I
But we’re still living, in the fading light
Yeah, we’re still living
In the fading light.