Too Much Life To Let Fall Down (5:26)


Contact Information:

Jesse D. Brock
(207) 317-6543

Dave Maggard - Sound Biscuit
(865) 548-4856

Songwriter, Publishing & PRO:
Greg Blake / Mountain Holler Publishing


Too much life to let fall down,
Too much love to still go around
It's heard laughter and seen sorrow
down through the years ...
This home on the hill just outside of town - There's just too much life, to let fall down.

By the Spring of '35, brothers had taken sides
And a mother lost her boy, both north and south
But when the war was done there was no more blood to run Abel Robins knew it was time to build a home.

Times were rough, but the folks were tough Abel was among the very best.
With a solid inner guide and Rachael by his side Abel set his sights for a home in Mountain Rest.

A home to last the ages, built on honest wages
Mothers would tend their nests - and welcome any guest; Where family all could gather, nothing else would matter But faith and love and trust and happiness

Many years have come & gone since Abel built that home - Partial walls left standing testify
To a legacy of love, joy, peace and happiness
As many generations prept for that home on high.