Streamliner (2:59)


Contact Information:

Jesse D. Brock
(207) 317-6543

Dave Maggard - Sound Biscuit
(865) 548-4856

Songwriter, Publishing & PRO:
Jesse Brock / Mandoland Music / BMI


Early in the week, my interest began to peak I heard of a beauty coming around
They said, “...she’s long and lean,
Hot and full of steam.”
[I had to see] what the fuss was all about.

I wound my pocket watch for that moment when she’d stop Eager to catch my first glimpse
I - felt - the - rumble under my feet, my heart skipped a beat Her grace and beauty did not to let me down

Streamliner, perfect w/every curve
A design that ended up so divine
That sleek Streamliner, ‘sparked my every nerve
She’ll win your heart and take you back to another time.


Hear the Screaming Whistle blow, Her lines the way they flow Her beauty burns an image in my mind
I looked down to catch the time as the engineer waived good-bye ‘Wondering if I’d ever see her again

Vs. 4 -
‘Next day with my morning paper,
coffee cup on the table
wishing - I was back - there again
Much to my surprise, I couldn’t believe my eyes The front page showed her image once again

Ch. -
She was a sleek...... Outro