Streamliner (2:59)


Contact Information:

Jesse D. Brock
(207) 317-6543

Dave Maggard - Sound Biscuit
(865) 548-4856

Songwriter, Publishing & PRO:
Jesse Brock / Mandoland Music / BMI

Album Release Date: July 2, 2021

Co-Produced by: Jesse Brock & Dave Maggard

I wrote this song to brand my concept band. I am a lover of trains and classic design of the 30’s. Sleekness was the aim for every designer of the age and was depicted in the new, forward lines of the 1937 Streamliner. Yes, there is a double-entendre written throughout. I awoke with this song in my head and written in 20 minutes (as fast as I could type in my “phone notes”).