It's All About The Game
Staring in the mirror, not one line on his face
Airbrushed smile, loads of style and every hair’s in place
He swaggers to a barstool like Bogart meets James Dean
He’s got stealing hearts down to an art
He’s a heartbreak machine

Straight off a Cosmo cover, she’s smoothed out every flaw
Microderm abrasion, Ten hours at the Spa
Hourglass figure, the best a man can buy
She’s a poster child for Girls Gone Wild
No man can deny

Some people live for true love; Some don’t, and that’s a shame
They know love is temporary; They’re just here to play the game

He assumed the pose, looked down his nose, checking out the scene
A chick buffet, just another day in the food chain for the King
Then she made her entrance, all hail the Deep Freeze Queen
She won’t spare a glance for half a chance; she’s locked like a laser beam

Then the Red Sea parted as she glided to her spot
Nobody’s fool, he played it cool, but that’s when things got hot
Their eyes met over Bourbon, not a single word was said
But the Fashion King and the Runway Queen are about to go Code Red

If they wake alone tomorrow, there’s no one else to blame
At least they looked good trying; they still love to play the game

It’s never been about forever; it’s all about the game