She Comes Back To Me When We Sing
There’s a table and a chair, one picture on the wall
A room like all the rest, just different numbers down the hall
She brought me in the world and taught me how to sing
She stares out the window but who knows what she sees

But when I bring her Martin, it’s hard to understand
the look in her eyes when I put it in her hands
Peace in the Valley, and Brother Have you Heard
She may not remember me, but she remembers every word

Rock of Ages, Oh how sweet the memories
Peggy Sue, Secret Love and Maybelline
time fades away into two-part harmonies
Most days I miss her, but she comes back to me when we sing

She taught me how the notes fit together, how the words on the paper came alive
And I’ve learned nothing lasts forever, but the music and love still survive