My Last Excuse To Drink
Another sad love story--that's how they all begin
I can't tell you where it started, but I do know where it ends
Could be a woman or a bottle, no matter what you think
There's always a last excuse to drink

If Daddy hadn't left us, if Momma hadn't died,
If living on the streets hadn't robbed me of my pride
If you hit rock bottom, how much lower can you sink?
You don't need a last excuse to drink

I saw it in the mirror in the way I wore my skin
I saw what I'd become, not what I could have been
30 years had come and gone in the time it takes to blink
Just searching for my last excuse to drink

Stand up and say your name, tell 'em what you are
Tell 'em all the reasons why you let it go this far
A family of believers tries to pull you from the brink
And take away that last excuse to drink

She was always waiting every Tuesday night
There at 7:30, to help me fight the fight
She'd stand and tell the sinners, "I believe in you."
I'm not here to judge, 'cause I'm a sinner too"

I ran out of reasons for running from myself
from reasons for believing when there was nothing left
Cause when she came into my life, I found the missing link
She took away my last excuse to drink