She Threw Herself Away
She's not the kind of girl who volunteers her mind
Never lets you know her heart is in a bind
People wonder why she don't have much to say
I guess she thinks it wouldn't matter anyway

She can't turn off these voices in her head
They keep saying, "What's the use? Just stay in bed"
The only sign that they're doing any harm
are all the purple tracks up and down her arm

If she was your daughter would you look the other way
Could you convince yourself that life is just that way?
If she was out standing on that ledge every day
Would you try to stop her
Before she threw herself away

A couple months ago I saw her at the store
You could hardly recognize her anymore
I know she saw me, but she looked the other way
I wanted to tell her, but what could I say?

I saw her picture in the paper, and I thought
nobody ever knew the demons that she fought
Somewhere a mother cries and a father shakes his head
She never listened to a single word I said