So Far
Some are lucky and I've had my share So far
There's been good times and bad, times I wish I'd never had
No matter where you go, there you are
And I'm still here so I'm glad, so far

I'd like to hold it all in a jar
Take out a little at a time, re-creation by design
And I wish that I could wish upon a star
But I've never needed to ,So far

So far, I guess life's been pretty good to me
So far, it's been everything I thought it should be
But things aren't always gonna stay the way they are
And you can only see so far

This place keeps getting more and more bizarre
Can we really keep this Stuff? will it ever be enough?
I guess for me it's never been that hard
I've never needed much so far

It all depends how high you set the bar
If you don't make it, it's Okay. Doesn't matter anyway
There's really nothing wrong with even par
It's worked pretty good for me, so far

We only need to see so far