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  • Reason To Try
  • Thang For You
  • I Never Stopped Loving You
  • I Hate The Blues (But The Blues Sure Seems To Love Me)
  • Loretta
  • Kiss Me Like Whiskey
  • I Wouldn't Treat A Dog (The Way You Treated Me)
  • It's My Own Tears
  • Ugly Man Blues
  • The Blues Don't Tell It All
  • It Feels Like Rain
  • Someone Else Is Steppin' In

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TC Davis - 615-495-8244

"Shaun can take you to Church or take you to the alley. Love this Record!" ~ GIL ANTHONY/BLUES POWER/2013 KBA RECIPIENT COMMERCIAL RADIO

Livin' The Blues - 2009

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Nobody should sing Bob Dylan’s ‘It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry’ except Shaun Murphy.

Produced By: TC Davis and Randy Coleman
This is my first CD in this catalog. I got a chance to record many of the songs I've been singing live for a long time. I had moved to Nashville from LA, working with Little Feat, but, until I left the band, I was on the road constantly, there was never time to sit down and map out a solo project. It actually came together fast! I met most of the guys that would be part of my band in one night at this cool Blues jam downtown Nashville. Randy Coleman, (producer) my bass player, who I'd met years before when he was working with Johhny Neel, had a studio, so we recorded it soon after that night! Randy Coleman; Bass, Mike Caputy; Drums, Kenne Cramer; Guitar, Larry Van Loon; Keys.

Trouble With Lovin' - 2010

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WORLD TAKE NOTICE!!! There is a new lady in the room. One of impeccable talent. Strength, power, and confidence is ever-present in her style. Clearly, a new force that should be noticed and enjoyed by Contemporary Blues lovers. She will flat lay you out A woman who is very comfortable within herself and her talent. Her love and dedication to her music has created her legacy.

Produced By: Mike O'Neil
I'd been wanting to record a song my good friend Laura Creamer wrote for a long time. It turned into the title track for this CD. This one was done at Serenity Studio's with Mike O'Neil at the helm. A lot of my friends got involved in this one. My band, of course, (Kenne Cramer, Randy Coleman, Mike Caputy, Kenne Cramer & Larry Van Loon.) as well as Larry Knight, Boyd Le Fan, Chad Cromwell, George Perelli, Mike Bernal, Mike Finnigan, Johnny Lee Schell, Kevin ‘Swine’ Grantt, Dennis Gulley, Bill Bodine, Laura Creamer, Jean McClain, Jim Christy, Jim Cox, Miles Joseph, and Diane O’Neil. Rob Smeets and Danny Pelfrey!

Live At Callahan's Music Hall - 2011

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Full of polish and fire, Shaun’s voice carries every song. It’s the EXPERIENCE that she brings to the Blues! No doubt about it, this voice is all about the Blues.

Produced By: TC Davis
I've been doing a number of CD Release parties at one of my 'home town's'; Detroit, so we launched a live CD as well as a live DVD to go along with it. A few of my good friends from the Seger organization were there to help me out on both the CD and the DVD: Laura Creamer, Barbara Payton, and The Mother City Horns; John Rutherford, Keith Kaminski, Bob Jensen, and Mark Byerly.

Ask For The Moon - 2012

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Her vocal range and abilities are unmatched in the blues business, as she can easily flow from a melancholy ballad to a fiery belt of blues while allowing her vocals to steam to a boiling pitch, then lowering them down to a tenor range.

Producer By: TC Davis and Joe Michaels.
This is a special CD for me, I garnered 3 Grammy Nominations for this one. It was sort of a collaboration in studios. For the most part, I did all the tracks with my band at Omni Sound, here in Nashville, TN. All the vocals and overdubs were done at Scanhope Sound in Littleton, CO with Josh Fairman as the engineer.

Cry Of Love - 2013

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Her passion, professionalism and many years on the road mean that she is simply incapable of giving a bad performance. When she sings, she really sings.

Produced By: TC Davis
I came across many songs I've done for so, so long, and decided to put them into this CD. Some are favorites from way back, and some were new-found friends, and I had to include them! My band is all over this CD: Tom DelRossi: Drums, Kenne Cramer: Guitar, Shawn Starski: Guitar, Randy Coleman: Bass, John Wallum: Keys, and Tim Gonzalez on Harp.

Loretta - 2015

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With one more masterful than the other, her vocal strength and range just blow you away. From the way down lows to the up real highs - and all the Koko like grunts and growls in between, Shaun's all over this one.

Produced By: TC Davis and Randy Coleman
Loretta, is a collection of some Rockin’ Blues originals peppered with some great tunes I’ve been wanting do. Recorded at Colemine Studios, Nashville, with Randy Coleman on Bass, Kenne Cramer on guitar, George Lilly on drums. I had some amazing guests on this CD!! Jack Pearson; (Allman Bros.) on tracks Don’t Lie To Me, Kiss Me Like Whiskey, Loretta, Should Be Hard To Love You, Go Away, and 24 Hours From Memphis. Rob McNelley; (Bob Seger, Delbert McClinton, etc.) on I Pity The Fool, Hard Working Man, and How Strong Is A Woman. Jimi Fiano; (Foghat, Bad Co.) on Strange Life, Big Train Stops At Memphis. Mark T. Jordan, Keys on I Pity The Fool, Hard Working Man. Larry Van Loon, Keys on Don’t Lie To Me, Kiss Me Like Whiskey, Strange Life, Careful They Say, and 24 Hours From Memphis.

It Won't Stop Raining - 2016

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If you’re into the blues, get this album. We could list all the songs but there are no weak ones. This package could serve as an anthology of choosing great songs, getting a great singer and musicians.

Produced By: TC Davis
My last CD recorded at Colemine Studio. As always, my great band is on this CD; Musicians On This CD: Tom DelRossi: Drums, John Marcus: Bass, Kenne Cramer: Guitar, Lead On Tracks: 3, 5, 7, & 9
Shawn Starski: Guitar, Lead On Tracks, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, & 10
Larry Van Loon: Keys, John Wallum: Keys, Shaun Murphy: All Vocals
I brought a few favorites along with some close friends that offered up some cool tunes; Al Jacquez,
EG Kight, Johnny Neel, Joanna Cotten, Corky Newman, Shawn Stachurski, Kenne Cramer, Tom Szell, and Chris Anderson.

Mighty Gates - 2017

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"Shaun Murphy consistently proves why she is considered a 'singer's singer' by her peers with every CD she releases. 'Mighty Gates' not only punctuates that fact, it stakes a claim on the heart and soul of fans of many genres with some of the best written, played and performed new music I have heard!
John 'blueshammer' Hammer; Publisher of Blue Monday Monthly Tabloid

Produced By: Kevin McKendree and TC Davis
The first CD recorded at Rockhouse Studio, with Kevin McKendree at the helm; producing, and mixing. What a cool place, and what could be better than having some Kevin on all the B3 as well?? Ricky Ray Rector brought me the title track that he wrote with the late Dobie Gray, I wrote 7 of the songs, and the rest just fell into place!

Memory Motel - Duet With Bob Malone - Single
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Reason To Try - 2019

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To call her chops powerhouse is an understatement. This is a seriously booty-kicking vocalist.

Produced By: Kevin McKendree
"I'm so excited about this new Contemporary Blues and Americana CD!!

I've been mulling around some of these songs for a long time. As the 'keepers' started to come together, it really jelled into all these great pieces of the puzzle! We had so many tunes at recording time, we could have done a double

The Featured track; 'Reason To Try' was one of those songs you hear that stops you in your tracks, as it did me, and, took my breath away!!! I saw the writer, tunesmith Danny Flowers do it when I was at a venue in Nashville, I knew immediately that I had to make it my own

I found my way to the Blues stage at the first (1969) Ann Arbor Blues Fest, and was completely smitten. Getting to play at such an important milestone festival had my head spinning. That was my awakening to the Blues, and I couldn’t have been among a better line-up: Son House, Muddy Waters, BB King, Freddy King, Lightnin’ Hopkins, and the list went on and on.

Solidified into the Detroit music scene, I found my calling, but it was to be a bit elusive, while I continued my music education over the years, I was also free to pursue another of my loves, acting, where I was able to snag two different life-changing musical plays: Hair and Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band On The Road, appearing in both of the Broadway productions. Having been in Hair afforded me the opportunity to land a recording contract with Motown Records, along with Meatloaf, to record our duo album Stoney And Meatloaf.

Right after the recording of the record, Stoney and Meatloaf, Motown moved out to Los Angeles taking me with them. After a short stay in LA, I got back in touch with Bob Seger’s manager, Punch Andrews, and it just so happened, Bob was, again, looking for a singer. So I headed back to the music scene I was so familiar with, Detroit. Starting with the recording of Katmandu, under the pseudonym, Stoney. I was in Detroit and, again, working with Bob and his band; The Borneo Band, along with some of the Silver Bullet boys, Chris Campbell, Alto Reed, and Drew Abbott, and throw in a couple of Tulsa boys: Jamie Oldaker and Dick Sims, along with my pal Marcy Levy.

When Bob Seger decided to take some time off the road, I was contacted again by my old friend, Marcy Levy, (of Leon Russell and Eric Clapton fame) that Eric Clapton was doing a record with Phil Collins producing, and would I be interested in coming to Montserrat to record the backing vocals on his ‘Behind The Sun’ album. The experience was thrilling; to get back to my roots, and with the ‘guitar god’ himself. I, of course, said yes! We recorded this great record, and after the second song, Eric asked me if I’d like to do the tour, it was too good to be true, not only that, but a following tour as well!

Back on the road with Seger, with hardly a couple of weeks off from Clapton, with his 86 tour, I met up with Bill Payne and Fred Tackett, two of the members of the legendary band Little Feat. As tours go, making friends comes easy and when the tour was over, Bill Payne asked me to record some things on their new re-grouped band’s CD, Let It Roll, Representing The Mambo, and Shake Me Up as a backing vocalist.

I went on to tour with Seger to the present, with some other tours along the way, with such notables as Bruce Hornsby, Joe Walsh, Glenn Frey and The Moody Blues, with Television appearances with John Hiatt and Herbie Hancock, etc..

I found myself back in Feat camp, and they asked me to join as a full member in 93’, and for the next nearly 16 years, it was my home. Till recently parting with my long-time cohorts, I then realized, I’d come full circle back to where I started, in the world of the Blues, wanting to take my place alongside some of my favorite idols; Koko Taylor, Etta James, Big Mama Thornton, and Big Maybelle, paying special homage to Miss Taylor and Miss James on my first solo CD, Livin’ The Blues.

I’ve had the honor of including some of my friends from the road on my following CD’s: Bekka Bramlett, (Fleetwood Mac) Mike Finnigan, (Taj Mahal, & Bonnie Raitt) Johnny Neel, (Allman Bros.) Jim Horn, (George Harrison, Elvis, etc.) Kenny Greenberg, (Kenny Chesney) Danny Pelfrey, (Aretha, Diana Ross, etc.) and Laura Creamer, Barbara Payton, as well as the Motor City Horns (Bob Seger).

In 2013, I was honored to be a double Bluesblast Music Awards winner with Best Female Blues Artist Of The Year, and Best Contemporary Blues Album Of The Year for my release of Ask For The Moon I was thrilled to receive!! I released Cry Of Love, featuring some of my favorite songs I've been wanting to do for a long, long time. Then Loretta in 2015, my most Blues-Rock CD to date, peppered with lots of original tunes. In 2016 I released It Won't Stop Raining that ran the gamut from Blues, Rock, to Gospel. 2017 brings my latest CD: Mighty Gates, with my touring band again featured on this CD, lots of originals and a few from favorite singers of mine.

I heard the song Reason To Try some months ago, and was really knocked out by it. There and then I knew I had to record it! Little did I realize how captivating it would become after we decided to name the new CD as such, it seems to have taken on a life of its's a song written by the great Danny Flowers, most of you will recognize, at least one of his legendary songs; Living On Tulsa Time. I saw him sing it at one of the venues in Nashville on a night I was there. I was, and still am speechless, about his performance. That was all I needed to know, it was going to be on the next CD!!! Every tune on this CD was hand-picked to bring something to the table; emotion, fun-loving jests, and a pull at the heartstrings for everyone. I'm am so proud of my band; Tom DelRossi, John Marcus, Kenne Cramer, Tommy Stillwell, Eric Robert, and Kevin McKendree for all the incredible work they've done. Thank you guys for always being there!!!!!

This year, I was so excited to be the recipient of 'Best Traditional Blues Song Of The Year' for the title track of my CD; 'Reason To Try', from Making A Scene Magazine.

My latest CD; 'Flame Still Burns' is a collection of some of my favorite Blues songs, some cool soulful tunes that hold a special place in my heart.

I've got my wonderful band on this album as well: Tom DelRossi; Drums, John Marcus; Bass, Kenne Cramer; Guitar, Tommy Stillwell; guitar, Eric Robert; B3, Kevin McKendree; Piano.

This CD's title is the way I feel about what I do, and I don't ever want that flame to go out!!
  • Members:
    Tom DelRossi, John Marcus, Kenne Cramer, Tommy Stillwell, Eric Robert, Kevin McKendree
  • Sounds Like:
    Etta James, Big Mama Thornton, Aretha Franklin
  • Influences:
    Aretha, Koko Taylor, Etta James, James Brown, Denise Lasalle, Gladys Knight
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