Those Days
1. THOSE DAYS (3:36) ISRC - CAT5D1800001
We were green as our knees // Drunken by youth // Light as the breeze //You lit up the corners of me // That the sunlight couldn’t quite reach //You’re all I take to believe // There’s something above // Something that I can’t see // I wish you stood next to me // But I guess I’m chasing a dream // Oh love, remember those days? // Her summery hands // In them we played // I was laughing, rolling down in the pasture of the music you made // Sun flares spotted the skies // And faded our cares // And freckled our eyes // Our blood beat to the rhythm // Of the words we sung and the chords we bathed in // We were tattered and torn // Barely just born //We rose like a thorn // I found out your hands were soft like the belly of a trusting dog // It drops: the stick on the drum // Like a stone in a pond that ripples in your lungs // Cathartic in the rhythm we wear bare feet //And chase our shadows as they dance in the heat