They Walked a Trail Of Tears
For many Years
Sacrificed and Died
They Stood Bold
Both Young and old
Refused to be stripped of pride

Politics in DC
And the Powers that be
Made plans to move them over
With their heads held high
They endured the miles
From the Atlantic to Oklahoma

Bite the bullet and pay the price
One man standing
fighting hard for his tribe
His hand is on the trigger
you better think hard
your desicion is forever
Hope you chose the right card
when the Gunsmoke clears

Cold winds blow
Bites the skin to the bone
Pain of hunger turned to starvation
they watched the young ones die
and the elders cry
Forsaken life for false salvation

The strong survived
their spirit never died
in spite of all the complications
The white man lied
as he justified
the Sentence of an innocent nation