Rattlesnake Stew
Old Jack can take you back
Make you forget your fears
Add a spark of Makers Mark
then have a few more beers
Old ways and better days
I'll toast this one to you
Hot Nights and neon lights
mix up a Rattlesnake Stew

Doin fine a sip of wine
Just don't get up too fast
A little moan, that last Petron
Is sneakin up real fast
Last call for alcohol
I'll toast this one to you
Hey Y'all feelin ten feet tall
Give me some Rattlesnake stew

Just one more round
Drink up Fall Down
Ain't much you can do
when you drink Rattlesnake Stew

Wakin up all shaken up
Your feet can't find the ground
Empty bottles everywhere
You hear a hissin sound
Headaches and bad mistakes
ain't nothing you can do
On the floor you don't want no more
just keep your Rattlesnake Stew