Police State
Sayin’ you got the right to remain silent
Seems they got the right, lord, to remain violent
Gotta shake these shackles before it’s too late
Or we’ll be trapped in a police state

If we don’t learn from history
Lord it’s bound, bound to repeat
Take a look around ya, what do you see?
A nation buzzing with brutality

Can’t ignore the headlines
Citizens getting beat
Can’t help but wonder
Who’s policing the police?
How does this happen in the land of free?
Got us heated up and mad enough
To protest it in the street

I’m not talkin bout black
I’m not talkin bout white
I just wanna do my part to bring the dark

The darkness to the light
I’m not talkin bout left
Don’t wanna hear about right
I’m talkin bout wrong and right
And the sacrifice of innocent human life