Reaping Time
Way down down down down down
South of the Georgia line
I heard the sound sound sound sound sound
Of a poor man cryin’
With a picture of a woman
That he once loved
He carried anger, an address, a motive, and a gun

Oh, it’s reaping time
It’s reaping time
Yeah, the seeds have been sewn and grown
And it’s reaping time

He weeped weeped weeped weeeped weeped
For what he’s bout to do
As he reads reads reads reads reads
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
He could see see see see see
Through the Georgia rain
What would be be be be be
The one that he would slay

Drunk with whiskey, betrayal, heartache, and the pain
Oh, his face lit up with a flash..
Lord, a flash and a bang
The man lived his days and didn’t forget it
His victim lived just long enough to taste regret