Talking Heads
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Songwriter: Roger Wilson
Publishers & PRO: Brux Music/ BMI


There’s a mannequin reportin’

From the White House lawn
There’s another on talkin’
In front of the Pentagon
Then they break to chase a politician up Capitol Hill
And stick a microphone in his face to say what he will

Those talkin’ heads… What haven’t they said
Another strange face… just talkin’ in place

Then they cut to the blonde
Covering the political race
She’s got the congressman on camera
Tryin’ to save his face
Is what he’s sayin’ really true or is it a lie?
We’ll never know cause we’re all laughin’ at his ugly tie

(To Chorus)

What could they possibly say
that they haven’t said before?
Hasn’t Wolf & Sam & Tom & Dan & Peter
Heard it all before?
But now they have to give the analyst and expert a call
Then they take a breath, face the camra
Then they talk some more

(To Chorus)

Many words are spoken… with nothin’ said
All that matters to the suits is which network’s ahead
Whatever makes ‘em tune in,
Go ahead & give ‘em some more
Anything that works, from OJ to the Gulf oil.

(To Chorus)

Copyright 1988 Roger B. Wilson