One More White Boy Singing The Blues
Contact: Roger Wilson
Phone: 678-296-9850

Songwriter: Roger Wilson
Publishers & PRO: Brux Music/ BMI


You know there’s been a million before me
There’ll be a lot more after I’m gone
Of guitar pickers just like me
That like to play a Mississippi song
A lot of people say hold on son
You know you got this whole thing all wrong
I can’t help it there’s this feelin’ I get
Whenever I play a Blues song
I spent many early years
Listening to the three Kings
B.B. and Albert Freddie rest their souls
Always made their guitars sing
I always felt like smiling
When I felt the feeling that their music would bring
Now I just can’t seem to lay it down
I just can’t seem to shake that thing
I’m just one more white boy singing the blues
I’ve done it for a long time, I’ve had to pay my dues
There’s nothin’ left over, nothin’ left to lose
Cause I’m just one more white boy singin’ the blues
Let me say I appreciate, ya’ll folks that are listening in
I can’t even try to figure out, I wouldn’t know just where to begin
All I can do is keep on going
and hope that it will never end
Until that time, the only thing I can do
Is pick it up and play it again