Sing it to the World
Sing It to the World
By Ray Cardwell, RACMAC publishing ASCAP

Verse 1
Listen to me, people, what I’m going to say.
It’s time to look at our lives and how we live each day.
So much bitterness and hate I see in everyone.
If we could love everybody, the whole world would be one.

So lift up your voice, The time is at hand.
We can win our war, Now, this is our plan:
Sing it to the world, sing it to the world.
Sing it to the world.

Verse 2
Look at the sun when it rises in the morning,
Think of the love and all the good things growing.
We must rid ourselves of your evil and hate,
Or there will be no more human race.


Verse 3
Let’s turn the negative into the positive,
Let’s turn the wrong into the right.
Yeah, if we change how we live,
The whole world will seem brighter.