Cedar Creek Pickaway
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Ray Cardwell

Creek Pickaway (03:09)
By Ray Cardwell, RACMAC Music (ASCAP)

Verse 1
When I was young, I could hardly wait - for the weekend to come around.

On a Saturday - there was only one place - that we could all be found.

Sittin’ on a hollow log - on the banks of Cedar Creek,

We’d watch in wonder, as an old man pulled out his fiddle and made it speak.


He took us to far-off places, told us tales from across the sea,

Learned about love and heartache, followin’ a young man’s dream.


We’d pick away, We’d sing all day, Wish'd we could stay.
Cedar Creek pickaway,

Verse 2
He taught us every song he knew, and we tried to get it right.

We’d practice all the harmonies, sometimes it took all night.

And now that I am older, I know I’ve been given a special gift.

Well he is long gone, but the memory lives on - of old MAC and Cedar Creek.