Stop, Look and Listen
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Ray Cardwell

By Ray Cardwell (RACMAC Publishing, ASCAP)

Verse 1a.
Momma always told me, you’ll meet a lot of girls
Dont be taken in with that pretty little curl.
they'll wink an eye and give you, the cutest little smile,
but if you think that's love, youre gonna miss it by a mile

(b) You'll be smokin' like a freight train, cant wait to take a ride
But you better slow it down son, here's some good advice

“You better stop, look and listen before you fall in love"
(Stop, look & listen, before you fall in love)
Stop, Look and Listen, before you fall in love.

Verse 2a
Sometimes I get so tired of waitin’ at the station.
I’ve been sittin' here all day, and I’t's nothin but frustratin'.
I know that true love is surely worth the wait waitin’
I keep on thinking’ of that helpful information.
She said love can sure get bumpy, it can be a wild ride, but to reach your destination with a true love by your side


You’d better stop (stop). Think of how you feel inside
You better look (look), for that sparklin’ in her eye.
You better listen (listen), for a heartbeat that won’t die.
Only then can you satisfied.”

Verse 2(b)