Wouldn't I Have Known
Wouldn’t I Have Known?

If a baby came into the world, with the beauty of every mother’s child
and a light in its eyes straight from heaven,
with the power in its voice to bring hope to millions—
wouldn’t I have heard? Wouldn’t I have known?

But many babies come with light in their eyes
the power of hope in their voices--I can’t hear them all.
How much hope has gone out of the world
because I didn’t hear?

If a family came to my door, in need, like the need of so many,
with a dream of a better tomorrow,
a faith in their faces so strong it could move mountains—
wouldn’t I have seen? Wouldn’t I have known?

But many families come in need and with dreams,
faith in their tired faces, I can’t see them all.
How much faith has gone out of the world
Because I didn’t see?


If a vision appeared to me now, of a country of justice and peace
for all, not just those who have plenty,
where the gold that we chased was our love for one another—
wouldn’t I believe? Would I make it so?

But many visions have been shown to us all
that we trusted for a time then forgot, until we can’t believe at all.
How much love has gone out of the world
because we don’t believe?

How much faith, hope, and love has been lost
because we didn’t know?